Why We Love The NBA Playoffs

It’s that time of the year once again when the NBA regular season of play is over. That means that the NBA playoffs are here and it is time to see who will be this year’s NBA’s Championship team. Even if your team did not make it to the playoffs, these moments are the best part of the season. The reality is that there are many reasons why we love the NBA playoffs.

When it comes to the regular season play, we see some exciting games here and there. However, the thrill of each game is amplified since so much more is at stake for each team. It is win or go home during the playoffs so that means there is no room for errors. It also means that every player has to leave everything they have out there on the floor. Since most players and coaches usually do this, the games are far more competitive than during regular season play.

One of the best things about the NBA playoffs is the fact that every once in a while, you get upsets. There are always favorites in every sports. There are also those teams which we expect to win it all. Some teams do really well during the regular season. They usually blow out teams and steamroll the competition. But once they get to the playoffs, things change altogether. In some cases, the same teams they once handled very well, turn out to be far more competitive and aggressive. This in turn, makes the games more interesting. Having an upset during the playoffs is always dramatic; especially if the team you are rooting for is the underdog. And the truth is that we all love an underdog.

Another reason to love the playoffs is because we get to see the top teams play against one another. For those that love the NBA, the only way to get to see some of these teams usually play each other is during the playoffs. The only other option is to play NBA 2k video games and choose your favorite teams. In the  video games, you can actually choose your favorite teams to play against any other. While it is only in the virtual world, some will take that opportunity. That may explain why NBA 2k series has been so popular and widely loved. Real fans of the NBA will jump at any opportunity to see their favorite teams go against one another. Others, are more content on being able to actually play the game themselves. Then there are those that choose to play the game via virtual video games.
No matter what category you fall under, the truth is that when the NBA playoffs are here, it is time to enjoy the best part of the season. The NBA playoffs this year are sure to leave a lot of broken hearted fans as they watch their teams fall to others. However, there will be a few million lucky fans that will watch their team advance slowly through the playoffs. With each win, they will get closer to the NBA finals. And in the long run, that is one of the reasons why we love the NBA playoffs so much. To get a chance to see our favorite team win it all.

Last updated 4/16/2017